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[software]Gel -
Gel is a Java IDE which is natively compiled for Windows. It has all of the features that you would expect in a professional IDE, including code completion, parameter hints, context-sensitive help and smart project management.
Keywords: Gel; System and utilities; Development; Environments; gel
Downloads: 1,090
[software]Revolution -
This is an easy-to-use integrated development environment for MacOS (Classic and X), UNIX, and Windows computers. It supports cross-platform database access, advanced multimedia including Quicktime movies and virtual reality, and a range of other advanced features. Using Revolution's user interface layout tools and built-in Transcript programming language, developers can create stand-alone, double-clickable applications for any supported platform...
Keywords: Revolution; System and utilities; Development; Environments; revolution
Downloads: 166
[software]AbridgeInsert -
This keyboard and clipboard extension allows you to insert commonly-used text into any application. It also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries. By using the supplied WordSets for common programming languages, you can edit your programs. The program supports MS and Borland editors.
Keywords: AbridgeInsert; System and utilities; Development; Hotkeys; AbridgeInsert
Downloads: 84
[software]OneOnly -
Create single instance applications linked to associated file types. When the associated file is double clicked, it will be handled by a single instance of your application. This lets your application act like Media Player rather than Notepad. Each time you double click a media file, Media Player does not open a new window but re-uses the existing one.
Keywords: OneOnly; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; OneOnly
Downloads: 50
[software]BlueJ -
This is an integrated Java development environment for learning and teaching object-oriented programming and Java. The interface allows interactive creation and invocation of objects.
Keywords: BlueJ; System and utilities; Development; Environments; BlueJ
Downloads: 333
[software]ABHotKeys -
This program allows users to assign hotkeys to launch programs. It supports launching of multiple programs from a single hotkey, and you can use it to stop and start Windows services. A log file keeps track of all open programs and how long a program has been used.
Keywords: ABHotKeys; System and utilities; Development; Hotkeys; ABHotKeys
Downloads: 80
[software]Mentext -
This is an AI technology developed by Mimosil for working with plain English text. It is aimed primarily at developers and is supplied as a software component. Using Mentext's natural language processing capabilities, developers can enable their software to identify meaning or information conveyed in text, regardless of the words used.
Keywords: Mentext; System and utilities; Development; Libraries; Mentext
Downloads: 46
[software]OrphansRemover -
This program searches for and deletes shortcuts with invalid targets in given folders and sub-folders, including your Start menu and Recent documents. For automation purposes, there are several command-line switches you can use.
Keywords: OrphansRemover; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; OrphansRemover
Downloads: 44
[software]Disk Order -
This file management tool includes a CD-RW data recorder, an FTP client, CHMODE and a firewall. You can preview and manage all files on your computer in list and tree views, and preview folders windows.
Keywords: Disk Order; System and utilities; Development; Application launchers; Disk Order
Downloads: 51
[software]COMRegHelper -
Register your COM files easily with this program. Just add the COM files by drag-and-drop, entire folders, or the favorites list. You can view the result of each file and, in case of failure, the program also supplies the cause. The program encapsulates the need to use regsvr32, /regserver and /service.
Keywords: COMRegHelper; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools; COMRegHelper
Downloads: 38
[software]APBackup -
This is an automatic backup utility, which allows you to backup your information according to a schedule. APBackUp can archive in any format or copy data to specified folders on your local or remote computer. You can define how many of the recently created archive files will be kept on disk. For any archive task you can specify external applications to run before or after executing the task. It includes a built-in ZIP archiver and you can use external archiving plugins.
Keywords: APBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; APBackup
Downloads: 43
[software]FacileFill -
This program stores your frequently-used snippets such as your name, e-mail address and user ID. FacileFill supplies it automatically, or semi-automatically, via Drag-Filling, Hotkey-Filling or a right click menu for IE.
Keywords: FacileFill; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; FacileFill
Downloads: 76
[software]PassMonster -
This program securely stores, protects and manages your passwords.
Keywords: PassMonster; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; PassMonster
Downloads: 51
[software]Cryptime -
This program is intended for information encryption. You can set the password and "Timer-Lock" to encrypt any file. You can assign decryption permissions to specific computers, and delete the original files irrevocably after encryption or decryption. ZIP compression is supported.
Keywords: Cryptime; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Cryptime
Downloads: 96
[software]TopSync -
This is a synchronization utility that can save you time and money. It can be used to back up files, directories, or entire drives from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across the network.
Keywords: TopSync; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; TopSync
Downloads: 32
[software]QuickStart -
Allows you to find items in your Start Menu, Favorites, Recent Files, Desktop and History, that match a keyword. In addition, you can specify a custom directory, as well as file extensions to look for. Just type in the keyword and press enter to be presented with a list of items that match your entry. You can then select and launch the program, link or file by selecting it from the list.
Keywords: QuickStart; System and utilities; Development; Application launchers; quickstart; quick; start
Downloads: 22
[software]DemoCharge -
Create animated e-mails, documents and help files by replacing static screenshots with GIF animations recorded by capturing your desktop. This program lets you capture screen activity to create animated demos and content for the Web, e-mails, tutorials, presentations, training materials, product documentation, support forums and articles.
Keywords: DemoCharge; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; DemoCharge
Downloads: 103
[software]Taglinator -
This is a random tagline generator with QuickPad Mode, GrabPad Mode, Stealth View Mode, Tray View Mode and a command line interface. You can create up to five custom signatures and more than 1,750 taglines. The program works with any e-mail or newsreader program.
Keywords: Taglinator; System and utilities; Hobby and leisure; Fun stuff; Taglinator
Downloads: 42
[software]ShutdownTimer -
This desktop clock tells your computer when to automatically shut down.
Keywords: ShutdownTimer; System and utilities; OS management; Shutdown utilities; ShutdownTimer
Downloads: 129
[software]Survey -
This file inventory and analysis tool lists all files of a selected type in a directory and its sub-directories. The version number is also listed with each executable. The file list is written to an on-screen list box with search facilities, as well as to a text file for storage and later analysis.
Keywords: Survey; System and utilities; General tools; Directory printers; Survey
Downloads: 51
[software]DirPrint -
With this program, you can print a file listing or a tree-like structure from any folder on your hard drive or a shared directory on the network. You can sort the listing by any criterion and apply filters.
Keywords: DirPrint; System and utilities; General tools; Directory printers; dir print
Downloads: 123
[software]winButler -
This productivity utility can automate repetitive desktop operations into chores and chore lists. Chores and chore lists can be run through customizable hotkeys. A built-in wizard can automatically create chores for you, and chore lists can contain sequences of selected chores with completion events to control progression.
Keywords: winButler; System and utilities; Development; Macros and automation; winButler
Downloads: 106
[software]RestoreBack -
This is a GUI based disk-to-disk backup utility written entirely in Java. The folders and files that you want to backup are stored in a script that you can use again to backup the same folders and files. You can also update the archive to reflect the changed made on your original file system. RestoreBack also lets you restore the files and folders to the original location or any other location you specify...
Keywords: RestoreBack; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; RestoreBack
Downloads: 34
[software]RTMirror -
This is a folder mirroring application that lets you specify one or more folders on your local hard disk. As soon as you modify files in those folders, RTMirror will copy them to a different folder, either on another hard disk or on another networked computer. RTMirror works in real time - as soon as a file is created or modified, it is automatically copied within a minute. In case of a failure of your primary hard disk, you will be able to restore all your important files from the backup copies...
Keywords: RTMirror; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; RTMirror
Downloads: 21
[software]WinBatch -
This scripting language allows macros to be run from icons, hotkeys or other software macros to automate all aspects of PC operation. It has BASIC-like syntax with modules to manipulate software, networking, internetworking and communications
Keywords: WinBatch; System and utilities; Development; Macros and automation; WinBatch
Downloads: 74
[software]LinkBuilder -
This utility converts text files to HTML format. If a text file contains numbered sections a table of contents will be created with hyperlinks to document sections. Any Web links will be automatically converted to hyperlinks. Users can select font, background color, text margins and alignment.
Keywords: LinkBuilder; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors; Link Builder
Downloads: 98
[software]PixxxSafe -
Allows you to collect, encrypt, hide, organize, show and archive pictures. Import picture series and group them in password protected PXS files. Encrypt your pictures with 256 bit AES encryption. Create animated slide shows. Export, distribute or archive your encrypted image series.
Keywords: PixxxSafe; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; PixxxSafe
Downloads: 40
[software]Enumerator -
This is a batch processor that is capable of performing a similar operation on a large set of files. The possible operations that can be performed on a file can be expanded by the use of modules. Currently Enumerator contains two modules: one to rename a number of files using a set of rules, and the other allows the list of files to be exported to a list file.
Keywords: Enumerator; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; Enumerator
Downloads: 49
[software]killklez -
This program detects and cleans files infected by the W32.Klez.H and W32.Elkern.C viruses. Note: While using this utility, close all programs.
Keywords: killklez; System and utilities; Security; Specialized scanners; kill; klez
Downloads: 35
[software]QuickMirror -
This file management utility transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. Variations of mirroring are allowed through basic and advanced options. All mirroring actions can be saved in a log for review. A preview command allows you to test mirroring options on the source and destination folders, and when used with logging, provides a way to see the results of mirroring beforehand.
Keywords: QuickMirror; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; quickmirror
Downloads: 22
[software]PopulateMSI -
This program creates Windows Installer Packages, or MSI files. The wizard interface guides users through the creation process.
Keywords: PopulateMSI; System and utilities; Development; Installation tools; PopulateMSI
Downloads: 130
[software]ExpPrint -
This is a directory printing utility that integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing you to print file listings from Windows Explorer by the context menu of a disk drive, file folder or a group of selected files. ExpPrint prints any combination of name, size, type, and the 3 file time-stamp values. It provides sorting, indentation formating, and configurable fonts and colors. You can output to a printer or a file...
Keywords: ExpPrint; System and utilities; General tools; Directory printers; ExpPrint
Downloads: 55
[software]KeyMaster -
This program allows you to delay the action of the caps, number, scroll lock and insert keys and configure visual and audible alerts when these keys are pressed. KeyMaster includes proofreading tools for MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Outlook and Internet Explorer. KeyMaster is fully integrated.
Keywords: KeyMaster; System and utilities; General tools; Mouse and keyboard; KeyMaster
Downloads: 49
[software]DirSync -
This is a file and folder manager. It provides notification of changes and scheduled actions. You can move files and suspend, resume, skip, abort and retry actions. You may record all actions and setup sequences of actions. You may customize the synchronizations of multiple folders.
Keywords: DirSync; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; DirSync
Downloads: 39
[software]Egg -
This is a countdown timer, programmable from 1 second to 99 hours. It can play a beep or standard audio files including MP3s. Egg also provides auto-repeating timers, keyboard shortcuts, on-top window options, muting, flash screen alarm, long sound termination and operation while minimized. Egg can be minimized to the system tray and controlled via its icon, or the window size can be varied to whatever size you want, including full screen, to allow you to see the count from across the room...
Keywords: Egg; System and utilities; General tools; Clocks and timers; Egg
Downloads: 50
[software]Iside -
This program compares files and folders by computing their hash codes. The program includes a hash generating tool and a complete folder comparison tool. The hash functions let you determine if two files are different, even if their sizes are the same.
Keywords: Iside; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Iside
Downloads: 28
[software]Desktop Folder -
This program lets you create a directory on the Desktop and in My Computer (like "My Documents").
Keywords: Desktop Folder; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Desktop Folder
Downloads: 49
[software]Menurites -
This program can automatically sort the Start menu or the Favorites. It starts automatically with Windows. It can be minimized to the System tray and automatically sort when new programs or bookmarks are added. Sub-folders are also sorted.
Keywords: Menurites; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Menurites
Downloads: 31
[software]KeepAlive -
Keep critical programs or executables running and be alerted when they fail. This program constantly monitors the applications running your server. It scans executables at a user-determined time interval to ensure that they are running. If the executable is not running, KeepAlive will restart the executable that has failed. The program provides e-mail, pager and audio-visual alerts.
Keywords: KeepAlive; System and utilities; OS management; System maintenance; KeepAlive
Downloads: 43
[software]WinHvance -
Here are more than 170 tweaks to help you to improve your Windows 9x operating systems.
Keywords: WinHvance; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; winhvance; win hvance
Downloads: 44
[software]Access Manager -
This software keeps your passwords in one list. You can view or edit your password list, and drag-and-drop or copy passwords to Web pages and other software. Strong encryption keeps your information secure.
Keywords: Access Manager; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; Access Manager
Downloads: 78
[software]Repro -
This program allows you to record, annotate, and playback video capture of user actions, system level traces of operations and data streams, system resource usage and performance graphs, and a complete summary of the PC's configuration at the time a bug occurred.
Keywords: Repro; System and utilities; OS management; Diagnostic tools; Repro
Downloads: 37
[software]HS SoBigRemover -
This program allows you to detect a large number of SoBig viruses in an e-mail accounts and delete them without downloading to your machine. The software uses a filtering mechanism to detect the e-mails in your account and remove them.
Keywords: HS SoBigRemover; System and utilities; Security; Specialized scanners; HS SoBigRemover
Downloads: 70
[software]Password Organizer -
Reduce the number of user name and password combinations that you must remember to just one by storing all of your login information and authorization numbers into a secure, encrypted, and searchable database. It supports wildcard queries, hyperlinks to Web sites, password reports, and unlimited comment fields.
Keywords: Password Organizer; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; Password Organizer
Downloads: 30
[software]MediaUndelete -
Recover lost data from Smart Media, CompactFlash, memory sticks, SD cards, CDs, minidisks or almost any other type of media used by digital cameras. If you have unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures, videos or sound files on your data medium or have pulled it out during a write operation, this program can help you reconstruct the lost data.
Keywords: MediaUndelete; System and utilities; File tools; File recovery; MediaUndelete
Downloads: 87
[software]SMART Metrics -
This is a multiple-language source code metrics gathering and reporting tool. It supports C, C++ and Visual Basic source. The program can calculate the total line count, white space line count, lines of code, effective lines of code, logical lines of code, parameter and return counts, and cyclomatic complexity. It can open individual source files and Visual Studio project files, in addition to creating custom file sets with any number of files.
Keywords: SMART Metrics; System and utilities; Development; Authoring tools; SMART Metrics
Downloads: 112
[software]DocRetriever -
This application allows users to search for CD and DVD documents without installing additional software. Searches are based on the full-text of documents and associated keywords. Phrase and boolean searches are supported. Supported files types include Word, PDF, HTML and image files. For each CD title, the program creates an indexed HTML equivalent, which is then packaged with the original documents and the search application.
Keywords: DocRetriever; System and utilities; File tools; File searching; SEARCH; DocRetriever
Downloads: 30
[software]AutoIntern -
This program automates routine or complex tasks. You can use date rules, recurring times and compound schedules to make jobs happen when you want. Use wizards to create scripts that automate common Internet and desktop tasks. You can also automate OLE, DDE, send keys and logical decision making. The program also offers a keystroke recorder, an MDI interface, the ability to search events, the ability to sort by clicking headers, cut-and-paste support, the ability to print job lists and job-level ...
Keywords: AutoIntern; System and utilities; Development; Macros and automation; AutoIntern
Downloads: 27
[software]AccountVault -
This password manager keeps your login information safe and encrypted. You can pull up an account's Web site with the click of a button, and drag and drop your login information onto Web forms.
Keywords: AccountVault; System and utilities; Security; Password managers; AccountVault
Downloads: 16
[software]clipbox -
This program enhances clipboard functionality by remembering all items, both text and graphic, that are copied. Items are then stored in "collections" for later pasting.
Keywords: clipbox; System and utilities; General tools; Clip boards; clipbox
Downloads: 26
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